“At UCS we encourage learners to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. We equip them to become honourable citizens and leaders in their adult lives.”

Principal, Ms Helenne Ulster


Situated in the heart of Yeoville, UCS is an integral part of Johannesburg’s urban community. The school has been in existence for almost three decades providing a safe, nurturing and positive environment for children to learn.


Most of our learners come from disadvantaged backgrounds. They experience many challenges in their young lives, which is why at UCS our learners are cherished. We provide a safe, loving and stable environment where we are able to help each child develop a strong self-esteem. We emphasise social responsibility in our curriculum and encourage discussions around relevant topics.


UCS offers a “private school” standard of education at a cost that is affordable for lower income families. Thanks to a subsidy from the Gauteng Department of Education and support from our generous donors we are able to keep our school fees affordable for residents in the community. We are also successful in finding sponsorship for the school fees of a number of indigent and orphaned scholars every year.


UCS has adopted a disciplinary code which extends from strict rules regarding school uniforms to zero tolerance of disruptive behaviour, alcohol and drug abuse. School attendance and punctuality are imperative. The application of disciplinary measures is firm and fair and both the learners and their parents understand that the school’s discipline is in their best interests. The high standard of behaviour expected from our learners contributes significantly to the stability of the school. Learners at UCS are in a safe and caring environment where they are loved and respected, and have the freedom to learn and enjoy rewarding extra-mural activities. As a result, UCS learners love coming to school and they wear their uniform with pride.

During 2017 we plan to start on extensive upgrades to the school including rebuilding the primary school premises. We also plan to acquire additional premises in the near future in order to accommodate the growing demand for enrolment at UCS.


We endeavour to help our learners to stay free from the social problems that prevail in their communities. To achieve this, we work closely with SANCA which runs programmes with our learners’ anti-drug committee. All information from our engagements with SANCA is shared at our school assemblies, and these activities go a long way towards maintaining a drug free environment. We also encourage our parents to support their children and take an active part in the activities promoting awareness at the school. We regularly educate our learners on issues related to the prevention of HIV/Aids or living with the disease.

We Inspire and Celebrate


UCS first opened its doors in 1990 in the St George’s United Presbyterian Church Hall in Joubert Park, Johannesburg. Its purpose was to cater for township learners who could not get into the mainstream schools. At that time the national school system was undergoing changes during the transition from the apartheid regime to democracy and there was an urgent need for access to the “Model C” standard of education. The high-calibre education at UCS saw it quickly develop into a well-respected inner-city school accommodating over 500 learners from Grade R to Grade 12.

Our approach then was to admit leaners without requiring an entrance test – a policy we maintain to this day. We believe every child should be in school and that no learner should be excluded on the grounds of capability.


The school was initially founded as the United Church School. It has since evolved into a multi-denominational and multi-cultural institution serving the growing urban community of Yeoville and its surrounding precincts. Under the leadership of its founders, Rev Adamson (retired), Ms Christia Rossouw (retired) and Ms Helenne Ulster (current school principal), UCS has become a benchmark of education for disadvantaged children in South Africa.


At UCS we are very grateful for our donor support for without it, where would we be? In turn we extend outreach to the community by working with selected local associations and assisting indigent and homeless children wherever we can. Our school feeding scheme is a vital part of this endeavour and we are proud to be the school selected for learners from non-profit organisations like Nkosi’s Haven, The Gumboot Foundation, The Kadey Foundation, Mais Africa and Ikageng Itirileng.