Stories Unite Us at UCS

Stories Unite Us at UCS

Behind every UCS educator is a story that speaks of experience. Deputy principal Louise Tamboer provides her literacy education expertise gained in Jamaica to teaching reading skills to Yeoville’s children.

The educators at UCS all have a story to tell. One that ultimately benefits the learners at the school. Take Louise for example, who is head of UCS Primary School. She has taught at a variety of schools all around South Africa, as well as abroad. “I was in a very fortunate position to have taught in many schools across our country due to my marriage to a Minister of Religion in our church,” says Louise.

She has taught children in small farm schools, mission station schools, tough township schools and even a school in Jamaica, where Louise had the privilege of teaching a remedial class. She believes the experience she gained there is helping primary school learners at UCS who are struggling with reading.

“I am always ready for the challenge when teachers send me learners who struggle with reading, especially phonetics,” she says. “I readily tap into my 5 years of experience teaching my remedial learners in Jamaica. There I taught children who had to repeat a grade because they lacked reading skills. Thanks to my past experience, today I am better equipped to help our learners excel, especially in reading.”

Louise takes her responsibilities as the head of UCS Primary School very seriously. “I must be an example to the teaching staff, the support staff and the cleaning staff. We all contribute to the smooth-running of UCS. It is very important that we have the entire school at heart.”