NASA Astronaut Inspires Maths Learners

NASA Astronaut Inspires Maths Learners

Living Maths has seen numerous UCS learners achieve great results in Maths and Science. It also recently provided the opportunity for them to be inspired about reaching greatness.

For several years, UCS has nurtured a resourceful relationship with Living Maths, a programme that has provided mathematics support to thousands of learners around South Africa for over two decades.

Because of this relationship, UCS has been able to support the development of many learners from the community in the areas of maths and science. And it’s thanks to the programme’s unique approach – through games, mysteries, brainteasers, fun activities, workshops and Olympiads – which helps learners from all walks of life to develop their maths skills.

On 6th November, Living Maths had the great privilege of hosting American engineer and former NASA astronaut Dr Don Thomas at UCS.

“As a pioneering school for the Living Maths programme in Gauteng, we were selected as the first school of choice to host Dr Thomas,” says UCS principal, Helenne Ulster. “The excitement was tangible and the learners were inspired by his presentation.”

Dr Thomas’ talk opened the minds of the learners to a world where endless potential and possibility exists for them through maths and science.

“UCS has always been passionate about and remains highly committed to giving our learners as much opportunity as we can by becoming proficient in Maths and Science,” says Ulster.

As an independent school, which provides a quality education to disadvantaged children living in the Johannesburg inner-city, UCS keenly understands the scarcity of maths and science skills across South Africa’s various economic sectors. Ulster and her team of educators believe their goal is to enable as many of their learners as possible to enter the workplace at any level with skills grounded in maths and science.

“This is why we are always delighted to have visitors who inspire our learners in their journey and Dr Thomas provided just that,” Ulster concludes.