Primary School

“I believe that education is not about learning of facts, but about training the mind and learning to listen.”

Mrs Louise Tamboer

Deputy Principal UCS Primary School

Under the able management of Deputy Principal, Mrs Louise Tamboer, and the primary school Academic Head, Mrs Tshimumoyo Tshuma, the UCS Primary School caters to 377 learners from the Foundation Phase through to Grade 6. Our qualified teachers encourage and nurture our young learners in preparation for succeeding in high school.

We provide a quality academic program derived from the national Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) which educates and equips UCS learners academically, ethically, socially and physically to become exemplary young members of society.

At UCS we are committed to:

  • Developing our learners academically, socially and spiritually.
  • Developing our learners to become responsible members of the society.
  • Developing our learners to become self-reliant
  • Identifying and nurturing talents
  • Identifying and developing leadership skills
  • Pre-learning Programme (4-6 weeks)
  • English Home Language: Reading, Grammar, Phonics & Spelling, and Dictation, Comprehension, Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Afrikaans Additional Language
  • Life Skills
  • English Home Language: (Reading, Grammar, Phonics & Spelling and Dictation, Comprehension, Writing)
  • Mathematics
  • Afrikaans Additional Language
  • Life Skills
  • English Home Language: (Reading, Grammar, Phonics & Spelling and Dictation, Comprehension, Writing)
  • Mathematics
  • Afrikaans Additional Language
  • Life Skills
  • English Home Language: (Reading, Grammar, Phonics & Spelling & Dictation, Writing, Comprehension & Summary)
  • Mathematics
  • Afrikaans Additional Language
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • Life Skills
  • Skills Development Programme
  • Extras: Computer Lessons


Testing may be required for new learners to assess a learner’s academic potential, when the teacher assesses the learner during the teaching time. This takes place to ensure proper grade placement and to identify special learning needs.

Final decisions regarding grade placements are made by the Deputy Principal in consultation with the Head of Academics and with the Counsellor and parent input.

Assessments are done timeously in the form of formal and informal assessments. These firstly give all stakeholders a report of the learners’ academic performance and enable educators to identify learners’ needs and provide appropriate support.


We provide maximum opportunities for parental and community involvement at all grade levels and make use of available community resources and opportunities. Learners participate in programmes such as Jozi Bookfair, City of Johannesburg Reading Development Programmes, visits to the nearest Public Library, and outdoor activities using the public parks in the area.

We hold assemblies at the beginning of each day, as well as weekly assemblies in the St Luke’s Church Hall on Frances Street. Here our learners have the opportunity to hear about and respond to our various school activities and standards of conduct.


United Church School boasts of a dedicated staff which comprises of educators and support staff who love and care for our learners. Our educators are responsible for the day to day running of the school. The welfare of learners are in their safe hands. Our support staff play a vital role in the up keep and cleanliness of the school.

We strive to employ staff who are mature, academically prepared and professionally skilled and who are ethical role models, demonstrate care for the students and build positive relationships.


We strive to enroll a student body large enough to allow for comprehensive academic and co-curricular programs, yet small enough to provide personal attention to each learner.

Our learners are from different nations, however once they are in the UCS colours they are one. We believe in unity thus “United we stand”. The learners are treated equally and those with learning barriers are identified and assisted. If need be, they are referred to an outsourced expertise through the school Counsellor.

We believe in upholding the learner’s rights. Our parents are supportive of all our programmes. We are constantly in contact with our parents as we believe that they contribute to the education of their children. They are also key decision makers when it comes to referrals.


We take pride in our school uniform. It has to be worn correctly at all times. The school blazer is compulsory.

At UCS we teach our learners to use “T-H-I-N-K” questions…for any action they take!

T = Is it TRUE?

H = Is it HELPFUL?



K = Is it KIND?